Long Time

September 13, 2012

Been a while since our last post and I must saying there has been a process over the course of the years. I am slowly but, surely emerging from the deep slumber that I have been and awakening a new. Certainly, am into taking my time with this and enjoy the process. We shall see how this goes and where it takes us. What I can say is that I missed you!


Lonely London

December 4, 2009

Okay so behind the story, I was doing this presentation off of my journey here in which I have dealt with the loneliness, frustration, sorrow, anger, and void of being here. It has been a rather therapeutic project because I totally trashed the first project and was able to come back to the reasons of me being here and that was to focus on my photography. With all the anxieties that come with being in an unfamiliar place a long way from home and trying to find some hope or spark within the place of lonely. ( I know soooooo deep ). Not to say that I have not had some great times here in London; I have, but my view upon the challenged that faced me here were a truly growing experience. I know a lot more about myself as an artist, person, and mainly a photographer. I have pushed past limitations and that a long with the many people that I have met here I would not trade.

Anyway, so when I presented this it was with a song that I would often listen to while here called “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence” by Sakamoto Ryuichi (listen to song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwkuS9FlB7M ) I did not play the whole thing but once I finish the project completely the song will play with it. Now in the convener some did not understand why I had this song (which I would  not have done but it was symbolic to me because it was a song that I would listen to while taking a lot of these photos) but, after further explaining to them the reasons why they understood that I would often listen to this song to excite and lift my spirits. Some music just speaks to you and other then my worship music this one stuck out. Plus I adore that song and the different changes and heights in the song. I am looking at this as a project that I am going to expand on in the days to come so we shall see how it ends. There are a few towards the end of my work that are of some of the people that I have met while here that I thought were great shots and really conveyed the sense of isolation that a person can feel even when around people. Let me know what you think.

Angie Jaime in London!

November 30, 2009

While in London I happen to meet a cool and mellow young lady name Angie. I asked her if I could take some pictures of her and so here we are. Hope you guys like them. 😉 These photos were shot with a Canon EOS 400D. It was pretty much a cloudy day.

Kandice’s Blog

September 20, 2009

If you are looking for Kandice’s Blog go here. Sorry for the delay on posts. I did not have internet access until now.


London Calling

September 10, 2009

Okay so I am getting ready. I have about three days and I have not even packed yet :x, but I am sure that I will start soon. It is about 12:47 a.m. right now and I just talked to a friend of mine that is in London right now on vacay. She sounds so excited and was saying how much I am going to love it out there. I am excitd but, just thinking about being away from family and friends is hard but, I know I will be fine. I am just interested in what God has instore so just keep me in your prayers. It will all be great I am sure. Okay let me get back to spending time with God. I will update soon, the closer I get to my journey. Until then much love! 🙂

Kandice ( the other half of Decorum)